The Center Meeting with FCCI’s National Director of Malaysia


The Center for Christian Business Ethics Today (the Center), in partnership with Fellowship of Companies for Christ International(FCCI) has created the Christian Entrepreneurship Program (CEP) as a tool to help build up the next generation of Christian leaders all over the world.

The CEP program is currently being considered by the Encubator, a new FCCI training center to invest and bring up the next generation of new entrepreneurs in Malaysia. Director of the Center, Kathy Gaffney recently met with Kah Hooi Lim, FCCI’s National Director of Malaysia, to discuss strategies for successfully launching CEP.

The goal of the CEP program is to help Christian entrepreneurs better understand Biblical instructions and guidance for starting and running a business while giving the students a good start on a business plan for their business endeavors.

CEP is a practical, 8-course online business program incorporating real-time applications of Christian faith principles to business operations, featuring Biblical material connected to business principles. The overall program has a technical nature, teaching how to run a business, not just business practice theory. Each course includes: lectures, recommended reading lists, printable worksheets, case studies, and supplemental materials. In the last module, students will have the chance to build their business plans and apply skills they’ve learned throughout the Program.

For more information on the CEP program, please contact the Center at