Conference Papers Table of Contents

Below is a sample table of contents for the 2010 Business Ethics Today Conference Papers.

Feel free to scroll through the chapters, read brief excerpts from the authors, and watch video excerpts before purchasing the Conference Papers below.

Table of Contents:

Introduction – [Philip J. Clements and Peter Lillback] Work and Rest: God’s Perspective – [William Edgar] Doing Business In God’s World: Business Is A Calling – [Peter A. Lillback, Mac McQuiston, Lou Giuliano, and Philip J. Clements] Courage and Conviction In The Public Company – [Jeffrey A. Conway and Andrew J. Peterson] Creating The Environment For Successful Companies – [Chuck Stetson] The Practice of Ethics In Business – [K. Scott Oliphint] Church Support For Doing Business in God’s World – [Ronald Ferner and Philip Ryken] What Is At Risk For Business if We Lose A Christian Worldview? – [Barry Asmus and Wayne Grudem] The Problem of Ethics – Why Good People Do Bad Things – [Charles Colson] Are Profits Moral? – Answer from a Comparison of Adam Smith, Max Weber, Karl Marx, and the Westminster Larger Catechism – [Peter A. Lillback, John Weiser, Wayne Grudem, and Philip J. Clements] Some Biblical Contributions To Business Ethics – [Galen Radebaugh and Vern S. Poythress] How to Get Fat in 90 Days! – The Relationship of Generosity and Prosperity in Business – [Fran McGowen and Mark Futato] Entrepreneurship and the Kingdom – [Julius Kim and Phillip Kim] Total Depravity and Business Ethics – [Richard B. Gaffin Jr.]

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