To promote the role of Christian business ethics, build community of Christian business owners, provide training on good business practices, and expand the body of research on the interplay of Christian principles and business practices.



The Center’s distinctive is its focus on Christian Business Practices.

Christian: Framed by the Westminster Confession, the work if the Center is framed around the Bible as the source document.
The Center also operates on the principle that a person’s calling is part of his or her spiritual contribution to the world.

Business: The Center works in the area of business, not social policy or politics.

Practices: Instead of focusing on a business person’s faith as it is brought to work, the Center’s work is focused on execution in business. How does a Christian price products, hire and fire and otherwise practice business as a Christian?

These distinctives are centered around ethics, which is the distinction between what someone can do and what someone should do.



After building a network of Christian business leaders, the Center increasingly saw a need for traditional biblical research that could be used to mold a more biblically sound culture within Christian business practices.

In 2014 The Center established a Foundation to embark on a ten-year plan to launch a research-based discussion of integrating the Ten Commandments into business practices.

Funding research projects coupled with integrating the research findings into real-life business scenarios will reaffirm appropriate business practices.



The growth of The Center’s network of leaders across the country is proving a need for more intellectually challenged topics that demonstrate God’s Commandments amongst business professionals. Over 400 business leaders are engaged in participating in forums and conferences to learn how they can incorporate Biblical principles in their businesses.

After 5 years of success, three conferences and a multitude of publications surrounding this issue at The Center, The Center’s Foundation is positioned perfectly to leverage a ground-breaking campaign. By doing so we hope to encourage Christian business norms by having a community of leaders who are loyal to the mission of The Center who can integrate both the ten year mission and its revolutionary research into real-life working scenarios.

Through honoring God’s world in which we do business in such a way, we will have a profound and positive impact not only in businesses, but on each individual inside companies (1 Peter 3:15).



Each year, the Foundation will commission research on one of the Ten Commandments. As an example, the theme for the 2015 Conference is the second commandment, “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image.”

To apply this Commandment to business practices, the Foundation will complete and publish research that addresses:

  1. Welcome to Boot Camp: Training Your People in God’s Ways
  2. Get On Your Knees: Praying for your company
  3. The Sacred and the Market
  4. The Christmas Card Dilemma
  5. The Founder’s Room: Honor vs. Idols
  6. Knock on Wood: Business Superstitions
  7. Hostile Takeovers: The Simony Problem
  8. Eat that Meat: the Sacrilege Issue
  9. Church v. Work Conflict



The Center is networked with other Ethics Centers, Universities, Businesses and Organizations that support the work of business ethics and leverages these connections to gain access to the best thought leaders in this area.

Ethics Centers: Cambridge, Samford, LeTourneau University, Houghton

Seminaries and Universities: Gordon-Conwell, Westminster Theological Seminary, Reformed Theological Seminary, Wheaton College.

Businesses and Organizations: CEO Forum, C12, Believers in Business, FCCI, called4women, Gospel Coalition, Colson Center, Trinity Forum, Pinnacle Forum.



We have an unprecedented opportunity to lead the creation and implementation of a ethical Christian business practices on a global scale.

We invite you to join with us to support this critical work.

> Be a key sponsor to sustain the Foundation’s future for the next 5 years: $125,000 ($25,000/year)

> Sponsor an entire research project for one year: $100,000. Be an annual champion to underwrite a portion of one research project: $50,000.

> Be a lead sponsor of our annual Business Ethics Conference: $25,000.

For more information about The Center or the Center’s Foundation, please contact:

Kathy Gaffney, Interim Director

645 Martinsville Road, Suite 202, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920