Business Ethics Today: Foundations


Foundations Cover 2011

Business Ethics Today: Foundations endeavors to respond to the warning of Judges 2:10-11, that we can fail to remember what God has done for us. This texts presents the importance of the contribution Christianity made to commerce so that business is a blessing in God’s world and the principles underlying this blessing. The worry is that we will forget these principles and lose the blessing. Much of this discussion is framed in the arena of business ethics.

Foundations has three sections: 1. Foundations, with six papers, 2. Workplace Ethics, with six papers, and 3. Church Support for Those Doing Business in God’s World, with two papers. The overall theme of each section and its chapters starts with the fundamental principal or understanding of the overall role of Christianity in developing commerce ethics. Preceding each section is an editorial comment on the group of papers and a specific comment on each paper. The Introduction and Editorial Comments are designed to aid the reader, making this text a wonderful tool for the individual and small group study!


“A must read and reference tool for any Christian business person seeking hard after God in life and career.”

Robert C. Doll
Chief Investment Strategist

“This compilation of writings on how to do business right, should be required reading for anyone who has an interest in business, whether they are entrepreneurs, business leaders, managers, pastors, students or consumers.”

Ronald W. Ferner
Dean, School of Business and Leadership
Philadelphia Biblical University

“Often Christians bracket their public life, even in areas, which are strongly supported in Scripture, and go about their life as though the Christian worldview had nothing to do with it. Here, though, no such bracketing emerges. Instead, the positions represented herein are honest attempts to articulate a biblical and Christian approach to business, ethically of course, but also in many other aspects. I could not commend its contents more highly.”

William Edgar
Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia


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