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White Papers

Obamacare- Tempest in a Teapot or Attack on Religious Freedom in Business? – The C12 Group, LLC – “These are the times that try men’s souls.”  So said Founding Father Thomas Paine, in 1776, in referring to British efforts to repress freedom in America.  This memorable phrase stirred hearts toward action and aroused a groundswell of public support for the revolution that soon followed.  Why is this phrase relevant to Bible-believing Christian business owners and CEOs today?
Posted by permission by C12 Group, LLC.


Credit Crisis of 2007 and 2008 – Phil Clements – What is going on in the financial markets? How did we get here? Where are we now? And where are we going from here? This paper address these questions, beginning with the understanding of the Bible’s truth and principles in the financial decision making process. The paper explains how the financial innovations developed over the last thirty years, including securitization, creative mortgages, derivatives, short-selling, and speculative investing. The paper shows how the markets failure to follow the Bible’s principles caused the current crisis. The paper concludes with some observations for the future.
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REPORT: Undergraduate Employees’ Work Ethic 2006 – Phil Clements – Business programs include business ethics training both as a separate course work and within individual topic courses. The purpose is to create more ethical individuals; individuals who can properly identify and address ethical issues. An area under covered in general business ethics courses is work ethic. This survey is undertaken to determine if further research is warranted and to identify potential specific directions for such research to aid refining business school curriculum. The focus of the survey was a sense of the work ethics of undergraduates, in their early years after graduating from college. A supplemental benefit to be derived from the survey is to give the business community a broader sense of the state of affairs regarding undergraduate work ethics.
Posted by permission by Cathedral Consulting Group, LLC.

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BreakPoint – From its beginning, Prison Fellowship has partnered with local churches to carry out this ministry of transformation. And in recent years God has brought together tens of thousands of men, women, and even youth to work with prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families. Across the country they are uniting in local Communities of Care, providing support and services both inside and outside the prisons.

These churches also collaborate with scores of other faith-based ministries, community organizations, and corrections officials to ensure that, together, we can reach prisoners and their families with the best possible teaching, resources, and support.

C12 Group – At C12, we’re all about leading thriving profitable Christian companies. This unashamed practical focus is combined with our commitment to a Biblical perspective coupled with like-minded peer counsel and accountability.  Given that our vocational calling utilizes most of our waking hours, how we conduct business defines much of who we are and our impact on others around us!

Cathedral Consulting – At Cathedral Consulting Group, LLC we help small and mid-sized private companies and non-profit organizations to grow their enterprises through the implementation of best practices. As growth requires a vision for tomorrow and an awareness of the needs of today, Cathedral works alongside clients to identify the needs in their company or organization and implement strategies to benefit them in the short and long-term.

Center for Ethics and Leadership – The Center for Ethics and Business aims to provide an environment for discussing issues related to the necessity, difficulty, costs and rewards of conducting business ethically. Recognizing the special challenges connected with discussing ethical issues in a diverse global economy, the Center encourages a secular and philosophical approach to these matters.

Compassion In Politics“I’m a creative. I’m a visionary. I’m a Christian. I’m a lover. And I’m human. I have a deep passion to see Gods work and vision lived out in me and touching the lives of those around the world.” – Nathan Ketsdever

The Gospel Coalition – We are a group of (mostly) pastors and churches in the Reformed heritage who delight in the truth and power of the gospel, and who want the gospel of Christ crucified and resurrected to lie at the center of all we cherish, preach, and teach. In a time of endless fragmentation, it is easy to sound prophetic from the margins, but one of the most urgent needs of any generation is to be prophetic from the center—from what the Bible makes the center. We want to be robustly biblical, richly theological, constantly elevating what God himself in his own Word makes central.

Tenth Presbyterian Church – Tenth lies in the very heart of Philadelphia. It has about 1,500 members and hosts about 1,400 people each week at its three Sunday services: 9:00 and 11:00 am. and 6:30 pm.

Tenth Presbyterian Church holds to the classic formulations of Presbyterian theology which came out of the reformation period: the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Westminster Larger and Shorter Catechisms. In addition we govern ourselves by the Book of Church Order prepared by our denomination, Presbyterian Church in America.

The Works of John Frame and Vern Poythress – Articles and other material posted by both John Frame and Vern Poythress on a variety of topics including: Theology, Reformed Faith, Religion, and many more!